CRIME WITH CAMPUS Among our best fears while parents is usually

CRIME WITH CAMPUS Among our best fears while parents is usually just what exactly might happen to our children when they go away to varsity. Since we aren’t truth be told there to protect them, we fret that they might become transgression victims. Looking for your college-bound teen for those scenarios may ease your brain and help these individuals stay safe.

Here’s a guest post by Lauren Joffe intended for The Real College Guide , addressing the security issues about campus.

A couple Towson University students were just lately held at gunpoint, broken into and bombarded with a crowbar in their dormitory room, dormitory. Former Higher education of Alabama in Huntsville biology tutor Amy Bishop is currently currently being tried meant for capital government fraud for gunning down some colleagues with a faculty assembly. And who are able to forget the Virginia Tech massacre in which 34 people were picture to loss by a scholar?

Aside from the wretched situations recounted above, there are dozens about similar occurrences of crime on campus in recent years. It is harsh real truth. So how geared up are you in the event that such a danger occurs your school? And even more important, exactly how well-prepped is your college?

Are Educational institutions Prepared meant for Crime on Campus?
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